Let’s take a look at the Bakery businesses below.
Which one would you choose to visit?

Would you chance purchasing a birthday cake from a bakery without a good Google Business Listing? Or, would you choose the bakery with 4+ stars, great Google reviews, lots of testimonials and great photos of their products and the store? Many times, Google will simply place an unflattering picture from their street view database that shows your business listing in the worst possible light. And to make matters worse, with no information, there is no way to contact this business, no website to visit, and no business hours to know when to stop by the bakery. It’s clear they’re losing lots of business to their competitors.

Good Google My Business Listing

Bad Google My Business Listing


Our Google Business Listing and Management Service will professionally create your company’s Google Business Listing and include a professionally designed header image, photos of your business, a good description of your business, reviews, operating hours, phone number, website and video commercials.

By having your Google Business listing professionally created and managed by Business Visibility Pros, your business will stand out from the competition and more customers will find and connect with you. The end result is more credibility, more visibility, and above all more profit for your business.

Don’t keep losing out on potential customers because your company isn’t properly listed!

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